North EP

by Geology

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released 30 July 2013
all songs written & recorded by greg jehanian

additional vox on on the blue by marlee sheaffer
additional vox on north by marlee sheaffer and danielle dwyer

artwork is called wave hill by emily auchincloss (

thank you again anne porter for your beautiful & life giving words, and to that great Spirit who makes its home in this frame of dust and bones



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feeds for this album, this artist
Track Name: On The Blue
with steady hands i gather wood for fire
to scatter light among the darkest night that i've known

i am a boat out on the blue
i am drifting, always drifting
i'll go on living without you
where is my compass?
where is my north star?

i made my way up to the mountain
what am i doing here?
what are you doing here?
i heard a wind that split the rocks
what am i listening for?
i felt the ground shake, saw a fire
but that was not your voice

the stars above are veiled, my hands are tied
i'm driftwood on this ancient sea and i will drown in this life

after the storm there came a silence
Track Name: The Mountains And The Sea
i saw a gleam of morning light
in california
i heard the sea by my side
in this quiet town
where every creature holds inside
their secret song

and the mountains- they will fall
and the sea will rise
and all the living things inside will call out

our sudden blissful, lisping songs
are quickly over
recalls a longing for a far off
half-forgotten land
my smallness could not hold
that blazing sorrow
Track Name: Great Bear Lake
follow the tree line along the great bear lake
the valley opens up to every last mistake
the clouds and shadows swell with every step i take
the water rises, washes over all i've made

and so i sing the bluest song i know
and then the trees sing of mending and of hope

the ice that falls apart
is ringing as it breaks
a warm, familiar light
is singing its embrace
the fire and water mix
as it crashes to the lake
i feel myself pulled in
Track Name: A Morning Dream
in the cold light of the morning
i awoke inside of a dream
there was ice around me ringing like a bell
and just below my feet and breaking
was a glacier in the sea
not an end or a beginning
but in between

and in that water was despair
and words of sorrow were ascending through the clearest air
there shone a strange, familiar light
the deepest knowing in that song of fear and fire

then the ice below me melted
to desalinate the sea
and the cold, white winter sky turned radiant green
as the song of One who lived as us
descended upon me
it spoke my truest name
known only in that country

a bird emblazoned in fire
descended upon me and sang aloud its song:
'it's in suffering that we see,
and in our brokenness
we're scattered as the seed'
Track Name: Brother
brother, has no one told you how to be?
you're not even sure what you believe
about the things you claim you see

brother, where'd you run off now and hide
from the healing in your sister's eyes?
it's not as safe as it would seem

join in the blessed river's song
its radiant, holy waters wash away all wrong
come join the blessed river song!

brother, you've been gone for far too long
away from all the small and simple songs
that those surrounding you would sing

brother, wash the poison from your words
it doesn't matter what you think you've done
it only matters that you see:
we were blind, but now we see
Track Name: G Minor
there's a garden in the heart that's overgrown
choked by the weeds of all the secret, shameful deeds
these hands have known

but there's a seed that's broken open
by a song that's not my own
the words- an altogether different language
that i have yet to learn

but i have no voice
Track Name: A Temple Of The Holy Ghost
i'm a stranger in this temple of the holy ghost
i'm a stranger to these hands i've called 'my own'
but have never known

and everything that rises must converge, my friend
and everything that rises must converge in its end
then begin again

and everything that rises must converge, my friend
the small and simple songs make known
the light that will not end

still i wander in this temple of the holy ghost
longing to be still and planted as a tree
by the riverside

and everything that rises must converge, my friend
we'll sing aloud our sorrows and our joys
and in the end become one again

(we will weave together all of our intertwining words
to form a song that's not been heard
we will scatter seed among the dry and broken ground
and rest upon the tree that grows)
Track Name: North
i walked north
on the day you were born
and the trees sang their terrible song
and the wind blew around
until there was nothing at all